Optimization Engineer

Optimization Engineer

We are looking for a super nerd. We call it an Optimization Engineer. But you can call it whatever you want. What’s most important is that you get kicks from apparently unsolvable optimization problems, spend more time in the /r/ffmpeg subreddit than on Instagram, and that you can’t stop talking about the AV1 video codec when you’re having beers with friends.

Your work here will define our streaming technology as the new standard for delivering video and images on the web – faster, using less data, and in higher quality. If you’re thinking about the “middle out compression” joke from Silicon Valley, you’re not the first. We’re also big fans of Aviato and Erlich Bachman.

About SeenThis

SeenThis is a streaming technology company that optimizes delivery of videos and images to improve speed, quality and conversion for our clients. We were founded 2017 in Stockholm, and we now have local hubs in Oslo, London, New York and Singapore that serve over 1,000 clients, who collectively push petabytes of data through our systems each month – if you’re wondering about requests per second, we’ll tell you over a Zoom coffee.

Today, our technology is first and foremost used for digital advertising, but we’ve just launched products for online retailers where load speed and quality of video and images on e-com sites are of equally high importance for great conversion rates.

“That sounds cool, but what about the people?” Well, here you can find pretty much everyone. Nerds, introverts, extroverts, sales gurus, start-up junkies, 9-to-5ers, daydreamers, visionaries – yes, we even have an office plant named Fred.

Our tech team describes our culture as encouraging, inclusive, and innovative. They believe that both personal and professional growth comes from relentlessly solving new and evermore complex problems by testing new solutions together with people that both challenges you and makes you laugh. They believe in you, and your ability to deliver what is expected, and will give you the freedom to choose how.

We are growing fast and just raised a new round of financing to fuel the build out of our organization and the resulting global expansion. Although we’ve already come a long way, we feel that our journey has just begun and we hope that you want to join this fantastic team on our mission to “speed up the internet”.

About the Role

We have to be honest; this role is very loosely defined. The only thing we know is that when you start working here, your only direction will be “go bananas and try to optimize the way we deliver images and video so we can reduce the amount of data transferred while maintaining or improving creative quality - either by modifying existing formats or inventing completely new ones.” If this sounds extremely exciting for you, then you are the right person for the job.

You might be an expert in C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Go or Rust. We don’t really care. As long as you’re confident that you’re up for the task, we know that you’ll learn whatever language that is necessary faster than we can say “Pied Piper”.

Since we always end up talking about “the stack”, we might as well cover it. Most often it’s set up in JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Postgres and GraphQL - but it can vary between projects. For example, if file sizes matter, then we might code in Vanilla JS. If we need control of threads and good performance, then we might code in C.

As you might have understood by now, what’s important is not what you code in, but that you optimize it into infinity.


Life-time experience of being a curios problem solver who gets kicks out of coming up with ingenious solutions that most other people would have overlooked.

You might have experience of any of the following: C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust, Node.js, Docker, Postgres, Varnish and FFmpeg

How to Apply

Apply by sending your CV and a short introduction about yourself to career[a]seenthis.se. Please provide the reference code OES21 when applying. If you have any questions about SeenThis or the position, do not hesitate to contact Thandi Schüler at recruitment[a]seenthis.se or at +4673 0742503.