Cannes 2024: A Dive into Azure Seas and Advertising Feats

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024 once again turned the spotlight on Cannes, a city synonymous with cinematic splendour and now equally renowned for its dynamic advertising industry gathering once a year. The city, nestled along the French Riviera, paints a picture of breathtaking beauty—its azure seas and bustling beachfront creating a near-magical backdrop for one of the most anticipated events in the advertising world.

This year, SeenThis was among the throngs at the festival, unveiling our innovative Storylines product. The launch was not just a presentation but a narrative woven into the very fabric of Cannes’ vibrant setting. SeenThis’ activation at the festival benefited from the superb weather, which only enhanced the overall experience.

La Croisette: The Heartbeat of Cannes The allure of Cannes can be significantly attributed to the iconic Boulevard de la Croisette. Stretching along the shoreline, La Croisette serves as the main artery of the city, bustling with life both day and night. By day, the sunbathed promenade is a parade of leisure and luxury, with representatives from across the globe mingling by the seaside. By night, it transforms into a glittering venue of easing into an even more casual affair to continue networking, meeting, and selling, with the glow of hotel bars and the soft chatter from seaside dining spots as we continued meetings in the hotels, bars and beachfront boudoirs, so magnificently prepared.

The Festival of Creativity and Business SeenThis took full advantage of the festival's setting, with the azure Mediterranean waters providing a serene yet stimulating environment for creativity and conversation. The company scheduled dozens of meetings daily, engaging with a mix of long-standing partners and potential clients alike. These interactions, set against the informal yet intensely active backdrop of Cannes’ beachfront, highlighted the unique blend of business and pleasure that defines the festival.

Storylines: A Launch to Remember The launch of Storylines by SeenThis was a focal point of our participation. This new product promises to revolutionise how brands tell their stories with a new vertical video pulse, fitting perfectly within the innovative spirit of the Cannes Lions. The launch event was not just about unveiling a new product but about showcasing the potential of narrative in digital advertising, an echo of the cinematic heritage of Cannes.

Long Days, Longer Nights The intensity of the festival is well-known, with days stretching long into the night. For the team from SeenThis, the schedule was packed from dawn till dusk, transitioning seamlessly into networking events and casual gatherings that lasted well into the early hours. Despite the hectic pace, there was a communal spirit of endurance and excitement, fueled by the shared passion for creativity and innovation.

Rosé and Revelry No Cannes experience is complete without the enjoyment of local rosé, a staple at gatherings. SeenThis, like many others, found ourselves indulging in the famed pink wine, which became a casual counterpoint to the absence of regular meals amid back-to-back meetings and presentations. The rosé not only quenched thirst but also symbolised the festival's informal, celebratory culture.

New Friendships and Future Opportunities Amid the whirlwind of activities, the real magic of Cannes lies in the connections made and the friendships forged. For SeenThis, the festival was not just a platform for business but also for building relationships that could define future collaborations. The conversations that began over a quick coffee or a glass of rosé often laid the groundwork for partnerships and projects that would unfold over the coming months.

Reflections on a Festival Well Spent As the festival wrapped up, the team from SeenThis, along with hundreds of other attendees, left with more than just business cards and brochures. We carried with us the memories of a spectacular setting, the excitement of new opportunities, and the joy of having been part of a grand celebration of creativity. Cannes, with its perfect weather and picturesque scenery, proved once again to be the perfect host for an event that celebrates the best of advertising and creativity.

SeenThis’ Cannes 2024 was a testament to the enduring charm and dynamic potential of this iconic city. For us, it was another successful venture—a blend of business achievements, product launches, and invaluable networking, all set against the backdrop of the stunning French Riviera.

Jusqu'à l'année prochaine, nous vous souhaitons bonne chance.

Jul 10, 2024