Planting trees

There’s a Greek proverb which goes along the lines of “a society grows great when old people plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit”.

As a somewhat old man in this eternal Benjamin Button of an industry, I’m able to enjoy a somewhat unique perspective - insofar as I am, to many, the cause of a lot of our world’s problems and, to others, a wiser head to better understand the longer game needed in beginning to fix them.

I work across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Australia, supporting our teams taking streaming to this fine industry.

SeenThis streaming is one of the solutions available to our industry to reduce the CO2 emitted in activating online ad campaigns, as it uses a stack less data than VAST-delivered videos. I won’t bore you here with the empirical details - they’re available here.

My guess is it’ll take a few years for everyone to stream ads, but I’m confident all will. No-one watches VHS movies anymore, and very few ride a horse to the office.

Streaming generally isn’t magic, it’s just progress. SeenThis streaming isn’t blue to VAST’s red; it’s just newer, and delivers better results, across every measurable KPI.

I imagine I’ll be long gone by the time streaming is everywhere, but what I do know is those amongst you who are young enough to have a career in front of you in this industry will be streaming for many years to come. It’s better for your clients, delivering higher everything that you are currently measuring, whilst using much less data to do so.

So this old person is planting trees. My only hope is I’m around to enjoy the shade.

Mar 21, 2023