SeenThis Introduce Social Boost

Let us introduce Social Boost, our latest solution that blends the power of social media advertising with the expansive reach of the open web. Social Boost transforms familiar ad formats into dynamic, interactive experiences that resonate with audiences wherever they are.

Social media environments are part of daily life for many consumers across the globe. In fact, as of 2024, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 143 minutes per day. Understandably, many advertisers focus their time and creative efforts on crafting the perfect video ad that fits seamlessly into the social feed; quality ads that are informative and visually stunning, designed to capture the attention of engaged audiences.

Yet, despite the global promise of the social media stage, opportunities can often be hindered by crowded environments and endless scrolling.

So, what's a marketer to do? How can brands ensure their quality video ads are capturing the attention of consumers in the moments that really matter? Let us introduce you to Social Boost.

With Social Boost, your campaigns go beyond traditional social media platforms, connecting with users across a variety of websites, blogs, and online communities. This approach brings your ads into contact with broader and more diverse audiences while maintaining the engaging and user-friendly nature of social media advertising.

Consider Social Boost your strategic tool for maximizing video exposure cost-effectively, leveraging premium content with high visibility. Brands using SeenThis to boost their social media campaigns typically experience a remarkable 49% increase in average time spent viewing, leading to a notable surge of 1.7 times in attentive engagement seconds. By leveraging SeenThis Social Boost format, you’re not just making your video ads count, you’re creating a win-win scenario. Elevate your marketing strategy with Social Boost by SeenThis today!

May 15, 2024