Sustainable Sustainability

If it’s not good for the bottom line, it’s not sustainable

Speaking to many companies in our space, most want to move to sustainable solutions & practices but these can’t negatively impact the core business - client retention, revenue & profitability, and a solid return on ad spend. 

This is the situation many find themselves in, right now - sustainability must be sustainable, but not just focused on minimising emissions, or that myopia will lead to poor business outcomes and with time, no real change. 

The commercial fact is - sustainable solutions must be adoptable by everyone in a business, whilst also being infinitely commercially scalable allowing for the eventual normalisation of sustainability as a KPI, for all marketing activity. 

Until this happens, I believe sustainable solutions will remain nice-to-have, not must-have, for many. 

Businesses must be able to remain commercially viable throughout adopting new initiatives, not a 10-year ROI commercially, but an immediate impact from a sustainable-only perspective - even better if the sustainable solutions improves profitability opportunities too!

This raises the interesting question - which solutions allow businesses to pivot whilst also ensuring they are commercially sustainable?

On the supply side - vendors offer paid-for SPO & measurement applying a model to the media supply path and advise where and how minimisation opportunities exist, others offer ethical- only media for purchase.

On the demand side - venders offer optimisation of connections to minimise chain-bidding, removing non-unique inventory, and establish direct-connections with media houses which will all reduce the data transferred, and subsequent associated emissions.

Centrally - the main technology players are using renewable energy in their vast data-everything hubs lowering the reliance on coal- or gas-fired plants producing the electrons to power their vast empires, and much of our industry - enabling all downstream using their tech to claim the same, multiple winners there. 

However, few companies offer the last-mile delivery solution SeenThis does, and it is one of the easiest changes any company can make to substantially minimise the data used to deliver high-quality advertising to a consumer's device, today - minimising emissions. 

As performance technology SeenThis are known for driving higher media, brand, performance results and interaction metrics with consumers - what is also becoming more widely known is the amount of data versus standard technology (or VAST) our clients do not use, that they previously used - better outcomes. 

Streaming is the fastest way to get an ad playing on a user's device, and our technology ensures it arrives in the highest possible quality - because it is faster it will start playing instantly and this is where the performance aspect comes in - if an ad loads instantly the chances of a user interacting are higher, with more interactivity comes higher metrics, and more engagement and better outcomes - higher Return On Ad Spend.  If you are looking for a sustainable sustainability solution, please drop us a note here.

Aug 18, 2023