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CORE Technology

Streaming Ads in Display is a Game-Changer for Digital Advertising

We use adaptive streaming, which completely removes many of the limitations set by legacy ad serving technologies.
Our ads load instantly, as soon as the ad space is in-screen, which means you will get more ad views for every impression.
We have no file size restrictions and the quality of the ad is automatically adapted to the user’s connection speed.

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Video Stream

Combine the Best of Both Worlds, with Streamed Video Ads in Display

Advertisers can finally distribute high-quality video ads in display, without worrying about file size restrictions. In addition, they get a lower cost per view, which leads to better performance on basically every KPI.
Publishers will notice that ad requests from SeenThis are much faster than traditional ads, which reduces congestion and minimizes the total time needed to render a page.
End consumers can enjoy engaging high-quality video ads, that actually affect their data plans less, since the streaming is automatically paused when an ad is out-of-screen.

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About Us

We are obsessed with making things better. We want to evolve the screen experience for everyone, everywhere. And, with the technology we have developed, we truly have the ability to shape the digital marketing of tomorrow. To change everyone’s perception of what is possible. Of what should be demanded. To make every pixel count.
Since inception, we have served billions of streams for more than 500+ customers, in 40+ countries. And we do it from our headquarters in Stockholm, with the help of our local offices in London, Oslo, Hamburg, Singapore and Vancouver. We work in tight-knit teams and combine our different skill sets, to attack the challenges we come across from every angle, and deliver results as effectively as possible.