What we Offer.

We have developed a technology that makes it possible to distribute video in a regular display banner ad space. Our tech solution delivers your ad with minimum load time and maximum quality.

We stream Stream video in regular banner ad space, with HD quality and minimum load times.

With Seenthis, you will have the best possible conditions to get the most out of your video ads. Our technology makes sure the video is delivered to the ad space in the most efficient way possible, while you control where it is shown.

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We transform Use your regular adserver to purchase inventory for your videos.

If you send us your video, we will transform it into a regular ad file that you can upload to your adserver. It means that you can buy your ads programmatically or I/O, with the data you need, just like you are used to.

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We edit Get help from our creative team, to edit your video and add graphics.

If you need help transforming your video to an effective banner ad, our creative team is happy to help. We can crop and cut the video, to adapt it for different banner formats, or add graphics, to help get your message through to your target audience.

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