Co2 And The Media Industry: How You Can Reduce The Internet's Carbon Footprint With Data Reduction

The Internet represents at least 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions (on par with the aviation industry) and contributes to the media industry's overall emissions. What causes the media industry to be such a big producer of CO2? Data. The media's Internet CO2 footprint stems from the large amount of data transported through the Internet infrastructure to ensure digital ads are delivered to an end user. Until now, CO2 emissions related to data transfer in media and advertising have been largely overlooked. This report provides an understanding of:

  • • The large and growing carbon footprint of the media and advertising industry
  • • The expected explosion of data transfer in the upcoming decade
  • • The importance of adopting better carbon footprint practices, including adaptive streaming technology From this research, we hope you'll see the importance of efficiently minimizing data transfer and how you can help to make Internet usage carbon neutral.

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The Author

Jesper Benon

Co-founder, SeenThis