Who is validating?

SeenThis has worked extensively with industry experts in developing our methodology. To measure carbon footprint reduction, SeenThis uses Doconomy's carbon key, which converts data savings into a CO2 emissions equivalent. Doconomy is a leading provider in applied impact solutions.


Measuring and evaluating data transfer, as well as translating these figures to CO2e emissions is by no means an easy task. SeenThis recognizes this and we understand the challenge that lies ahead of the entire industry. This is why we are keen on being transparent in our measurements and evaluation, allowing us to provide the media industry with tools to move forward and make well-considered decisions towards greater sustainability.

In digital advertising, the practice of measuring data and CO2e reductions is relatively new. The lack of a regulatory body and set computational methodologies is what we believe is hindering the full-fledged adoption of data and CO2 reduction efforts.

In our effort to drive the media industry forward by being transparent, SeenThis has established this methodology,1which we follow in measuring our data transfer, reduction and its CO2e equivalent.

We are aware that there are still many unknowns and facts to uncover. We will continuously strive to improve our methodology by working closely with leading experts and partners. However, these uncertainties and methodology discussions should not delay the industry in taking action. By being transparent in our measurements and estimations, we hope to generate the first sparks and drive real change.

  • 1Calculation based on internet x web share of internet (13%) x share of ads (40%) x 1 kg CO2e