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We Have Served Billions of Streams for More Than 1000+ Customers, in 40+ Countries.

    doneAdaptive streaming

    doneInstant-loading ads

    doneNo file-size restrictions

Core technology

Streaming Ads in Display is a Game-Changer for Digital Advertising

We use adaptive streaming, which completely removes many of the limitations set by legacy ad serving technologies.

Our ads load instantly, as soon as the ad space is in-screen, which means you will get more ad views for every impression.

We have no file size restrictions and the quality of the ad is automatically adapted to the user’s connection speed.

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Video stream

Combine the Best of Both Worlds, with Streamed Video Ads in Display

Advertisers can finally distribute high-quality video ads in display, without worrying about file size restrictions, which leads to better performance.

Publishers will notice that ad requests from SeenThis are much faster than traditional video ads, which reduces congestion and minimizes the total time needed to render a page.

End consumers can enjoy engaging high-quality video ads that affect their data plans less, since the streaming is automatically paused when an ad is out-of-screen.

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Increase performance with streamed images

Image Stream

Upgrade Your Static Display Ads with Streamed Image Creatives

Advertisers that use streamed images get ads that load faster and generate more actual ad views, which leads to more clicks. In addition, since the advertisers do not have to worry about file-size limitations, they can maximize the quality of their big high-impact formats.

Publishers get the benefits of display ads with shorter load times and faster requests, enabling a better user experience for their readers.

End consumers enjoy higher-quality ads that do not interfere with their reading experience due to slow load times, especially for high-impact formats.

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"SeenThis has such a great and WELL-DESERVED reputation. It’s amazing how much competence they have in house and we really appreciate that they're always swift-footed and always assisting when we’re in need."

Malin Guillermo, Programmatic OMD

Success Stories

Tiger Beer wanted to switch from static and animated banners to streamed video in display and get instant-loading ads. Compared to Tiger’s display benchmarks, CTR was increased by 283%, CPC was reduced by 68% and CPMs were reduced by 9%. Sales increased by 15% during the campaign period.

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+283% increased CTRAnimated arrows moving in a forwards direction
Animated arrows moving in a forwards direction-68% reduced CPC

By using SeenThis' adaptive streaming, Nissan were able to use engaging high-quality videos for their Qashqai campaign, instead of static HTML banners. Leveraging video assets for TV, SeenThis repurposed them to work beautifully in display ad spaces.

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-20% CPAAnimated arrows moving in a forwards direction
Animated arrows moving in a forwards direction+49% Avg. View Time

Garmin Marine wanted to use high-impact formats for their high-quality video ads, to convey a better feeling about the brand and the products. SeenThis provided them with the technology and, as a result, Garmin enjoyed a 3.0% CTR and average view time of 24.2 seconds. Leveraging video assets for TV, SeenThis repurposed them to work beautifully in display ad spaces.

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3% CTRAnimated arrows moving in a forwards direction
Animated arrows moving in a forwards direction24s Avg. View Time

Klarna wanted to deliver cost-effective video ads, without compromising the quality or user experience. By using SeenThis’ technology, Klarna was able to display HD quality video ads on high impact surfaces.

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-50% eCPVAnimated arrows moving in a forwards direction

"With SeenThis, we achieved a 24% higher conversion rate. These are conversions across several points: Car configurator, Find dealer & Download brochure"

Agency for global automotive brand

About us

We are obsessed with making things better. We want to evolve the screen experience for everyone, everywhere. And, with the technology we have developed, we truly have the ability to shape the digital marketing of tomorrow. To change everyone’s perception of what is possible. Of what should be demanded. To make every pixel count.

Since inception, we have served billions of streams for more than 700+ brands, in 40+ countries. And we do it from our headquarters in Stockholm, with the help of our local offices in London, Oslo, Hamburg, Singapore and New York. We work in tight-knit teams and combine our different skill sets, to attack the challenges we come across from every angle, and deliver results as effectively as possible.