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We provide creative marketing technology to users, advertisers and publishers.
  • Minimum Load Times
  • Maximum Quality in Groundbreaking New Ad Formats
  • I/O and Programmatic Distribution
  • Use Your Regular Adserver (No SDK Needed)
  • Regular Display Adserving Costs
  • Transparent CPM Pricing Model

What we offer

Seenthis lets you create maximum quality ads, with minimum load times, that work in all major adservers, DSPs and SSPs (programmatic and I/O). While traditional banner solutions generally put a limit on quality, performance or inventory - Seenthis offers you the best possibilities to create an exciting ad experience.

Seenthis Play

Stream Full HD Video with Minimum Load Times

Seenthis uses adaptive streaming, to optimize the video content for the user’s device, browser and bandwidth – to create the best possible experience, without buffering and interruptions.

Play is just as effective for branding as for performance. Use it to extend the reach of your videos or to maximize the results of your display advertising.

Seenthis Swipe

Enjoy an Endless Ad Space – to Tell Your Story

Seenthis has developed a groundbreaking new mobile format, to provide advertisers with an endless ad space to tell their stories.

With an interactive ad space, you can fit more content than ever, and let your users experience it in a memorable way. Combine a wide image with HD video and HTML overlays, to take the user on a journey within the ad space, without having to leave the site.

Send Us Your Assets

Send us your video together with any additional graphics, and we will transform them into ads.

Preview & Approve All Formats

Once you have approved your ads in all formats, you will receive them as ad files or tags.

Upload the Ads to Your Adserver

Distribute the ads on regular banner ad space, using your adserver (programmatically or I/O).

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