What does the term “data waste” mean?

A significant share of today's data transfer in digital advertising has no impact on user experience. As such, there 's a massive amount of data being transferred in digital advertising that is never consumed or add value in any way. We call this data waste.

Data waste accounts for a remarkable share of the internet's carbon footprint.

SeenThis proprietary streaming technology minimizes data transfer by targeting waste.

  • Assets are optimized segment-by-segment for highest quality that can be perceived by the human eye

  • Data is transferred for creative assets that are in view

  • Assets are only transferred in quality that user condition allows

  • This means ads load lightning fast in high quality, increasing performance and attention, which means fewer impressions needed to meet targets

By this, SeenThis streaming technology streams data that is actually consumed by the user. Embarking on a global data waste cleanup while maintaining quality is a win-win for all, reducing the internet's data transfer and excessive carbon footprint — without jeopardizing the user experience.