About Us

The Internet is very slow.

Despite the launch of 5G and the continuous expansion of fiber-optic networks, load times are as big of a problem as ever. The Internet just can’t keep up with our growing demands, as we push more and more data to our websites, increasing the Internet’s CO2 impact. High network coverage and fast connection speeds are simply not enough to guarantee short load times or efficient data transfer.

We know that speed is everything.

Speed is load time, load time is customer satisfaction, and time is money. Through our streaming technology, we’re speeding up and evolving the digital media landscape to set a new standard for content delivery on the Internet. In our view, no one should ever have to make the choice between higher quality or less load time.

Today, our technology is primarily used for digital advertising, but there are many other places on the Internet where more effective data transfers are of equally high importance. Our technology minimizes the amount of unnecessary data downloaded by end users, which leads to shorter load times and an overall enhanced user experience. As an added bonus, it also reduces the climate impact of digital content.

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Through our orange-tinted lens, we’ll show you a world in which you’ll never have to choose between quality or quantity, high-res or high speed, aesthetics or effectiveness ever again.

Join us on our never-ending journey towards a truly efficient internet — streamed in high definition.

SeenThis? Always on the move. Never stuck… on… load…

We are 100+ employees working across the globe at our offices in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Singapore, Paris, New York and Sydney. We’re growing at a rapid pace, across all business areas, and constantly looking for new colleagues to join our team. Although we’ve come a long way, our journey has just begun. We create amazing products and have a lot of fun while doing it!

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Since its inception in 2017, our technology has been trusted by more than 1000 brands, in 40+ countries worldwide, where we serve billions of streams every year.