Managed Service

Let our professional team of tech producers create the ads for your display campaigns.

It doesn't matter if you want help creating a clean ad, or building a complex innovative format no one has ever seen — we take care of it all, as you continue to traffic your ads as usual.

Tired of spending hours on ad production with endless formats?

SeenThis facilitates your ad creation process:


Send your assets to us


We create your ads just they way you want them


Your ads are sent to the publisher/ advertiser who traffics your ads


All creatives are then streamed from SeenThis' servers

What you get when using Managed Service

No production cost

We're happy to build your ads just the way you want them — free of charge!

Special formats

We're always innovating and pushing the boundaries of what both our tech and ads can do for you and your company. If you're in the mood for something extraordinary, let's grab coffee and chat about how SeenThis can deliver.

High quality & performance

Our expert team of tech producers have extensive experience in ad production and all the know-hows and secrets to build the ad best suited for your creative without compromising quality or performance.

Quick turnaround times

Send us your assets and directives in terms of look and feel. We'll get you a preview of that creative. We're always open and ready for feedback and changes until the ad is approved and ready for delivery.

Track & analyze

Track data transferred and associated carbon footprint by using SeenThis' technology in our Emissions Dashboard. Get both aggregated overviews and details on individual campaigns.


Get reports on your asset performance, as well as on your commitments to more sustainable advertising. Export your reports to Excel or set up scheduled reports directly to your S3 bucket.

“SeenThis is a valuable partner making creatives, platforms and formats work in harmony through their excellent technology. The SeenThis Managed Service process is next level efficiency, meeting our highly set requirements.”

- Eva Bodecker Thunborg, CEO Mediaplus Nordics