Creative platform

SeenThis creative platform makes the best-in-industry streaming more accessible to you and your team. It's an easy-to-use, self-serve platform where you can drop, edit and stream your display creatives.

Your ads will load with lightning speed and keep the highest possible quality, while reducing data waste and associated carbon footprint.

Better for performance. Better for the environment.

We blend creativity and tech to make your ads more efficient and sustainable


Drag and drop all your videos in an easy-to-use self-serve platform where you can upload and publish in a matter of seconds.


With our built-in editor, it's easy to build and adapt your creatives into different shapes and formats so you can create great ads. Adapt your videos and edit copy, fonts, colors, animations and buttons for your ad campaigns just the way you want — the possibilities are endless!


With our core technology as the foundation to all your ad exports, display performance is optimized, all the while minimizing load-to-view-time, file-size and carbon footprint stemming from digital advertising.

Emissions Dashboard

Track, measure and analyze your carbon footprint

Our unique technology with its data-saving capabilities now enables you to see and download your emission reports at agency level. If you prefer, you can also deep-dive on specific clients, campaigns and creatives. Aggregate savings across all your brands and look at specific creatives to get the measurements you need.

All campaigns are tracked by default - no manual setup needed. Export your reports to Excel in seconds for your client presentations.

The dashboard insights include data transferred, carbon footprint, as well as estimation on data reduction and avoided carbon emissions. In addition, you'll find useful comparisons to better understand the positive impact you create when choosing our tech.

Learn more about how we are reporting here.

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Optimize and simplify your workflow

No coding

No coding needed (but we do have coding functionality if required)


Live-edit without the need to re-traffic ads


Understand ad performance in real-time

Carbon footprint

Track carbon footprint to support your carbon emissions reporting and reduction targets

“SeenThis creative platform has been such an easy and helpful tool to use. Not only have we been able to build in-banner video ads that look great, they also perform really well - and the platform has built-in reports for each campaign”

- Keoni Granger, Design and Creative Manager, Audience Store