Image Stream

Optimize the performance of your static display ads, with SeenThis' state-of-the-art streaming technology

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Enhanced Image Display

Turbo Charge Your Static Display Ads to Boost Your Performance

SeenThis Image Stream enables images to be displayed instantly with minimal load times and without compromising quality. Due to the unique streaming solution, Image Stream delivers high-quality ads with lightning speed.

Our customers have enjoyed an average uplift of


+23% Click-Through Rate for regular banners


+109% Click-Through Rate for take-overs

Banners are easily converted to streaming in SeenThis’ self-serve platform. Just drag and drop to collect your ads and upload them to your ad server.

DCO Image Display

Better Results for Your DCO Campaigns

With streamed images, you get all the perks of regular DCO ads – but with instant load times, which will result in higher engagement, better overall performance of your ads and lowered acquisition costs.

With streamed creatives for DCO, you can finally deliver your dynamic ads the way they were meant to be seen.