Maximizing Memory Building Time

During the past 8 months, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the role that technology plays in delivering solutions to clients that drive higher performance and are better for the planet. In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts on how making one simple change in the way we deliver content to ad units can make a world of difference to Active Attention Time , and why this matters for both businesses and the planet.

In the world of advertising, attention is everything. The success of businesses depends on how well they can capture and hold consumer attention.  

There are three types of attention: active, passive, and non; of these, active attention is the most valuable for businesses. The more Active Attention Seconds the longer the brand stays in memory and according to Amplified Intelligence research, memory starts to kick in at around the 3 second mark, which means that capturing a consumer's attention within that time frame is crucial.

From my perspective, creative viewability is one the key drivers of attention; by loading assets quicker we actually drive increased attention of a campaign as more consumers will view the ad. 

On average, display ads can experience a delay of up to 3.5 seconds to load and play, which results in businesses losing valuable time to build memory; one simple change is to begin streaming your video ads, rather than relying on conventional download technology to maximise those valuable seconds.

With SeenThis’ Streaming Technology, your ad content is delivered and loaded instantly, regardless of device or signal strength, maximising memory building time - furthermore, the ability to load ad content instantly boosts key performance metrics such as CTR/CPA & CPCV as well as lowering digital CO2 emissions by eliminating unnecessary data usage.

By simply making that one change to streaming your ad content, brands can reduce lag time and improve visibility, maximising the active attention time available to build memory and deliver business outcomes.

I'm Laura Horsley and work as a Commercial Director at SeenThis, the global advertising streaming company. If you would like to hear more please contact me or one of my Sydney-based colleagues.

Apr 20, 2023