SeenThis ANZ announces partnership with Adform APAC in its continuous drive towards more carbon-efficient campaigns

The adaptive streaming tech platform and the global integrated ad specialist will enable emissions minimization and increased efficiency for clients’ campaigns

Adaptive streaming tech platform SeenThis has announced a partnership with DSP, Adform, as both companies continue to strive to minimize carbon emissions from the digital supply chain while improving and modernizing the online ecosystem.

SeenThis’ proprietary streaming technology minimizes unnecessary data transfer in display advertising and achieves faster load times. Now working in partnership, SeenThis and Adform will offer high-quality user experience and improved outcomes for more brands while achieving a measurably lower data footprint in campaigns when compared to conventional delivery methods. This partnership will help to drive further carbon emissions savings capabilities in the market, with SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology reducing data transfer on ad campaigns when compared to conventional technology - helping brands and agencies not only to reduce the environmental cost of their digital campaigns but also making their ads load faster and ensuring higher performance. In addition, Adform and SeenThis collaborate with Scope3 in their joint mission to help to devise best-in-industry approaches to enabling the reduction and measurement of carbon emissions when delivering display advertising.  

“We are producing great synergies as we continue on our shared mission of creating a more environmentally friendly marketplace. Increasingly, clients are choosing more sustainable publishers through the Adform DSP and, with SeenThis technology, we can help to drive less wasteful advertising,” explains Adform’s Naveen Angaru, Head of Customer Success APAC.

“As the first global DSP to integrate with Scope3, our collaboration with SeenThis further illustrates our commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We are delighted to continue on our digital sustainability journey through this partnership - with SeenThis’ proprietary streaming technology driving both enhanced ad quality and minimized carbon emissions for our clients.”

SeenThis Steve Alpe, Partnerships Director ANZ adds: “Adform has already shown itself to be a pioneer in sustainability and will now aim even higher by leveraging our technology, which streams ads in bite-sized pieces, only when in-view - thereby significantly reducing data wastage and associated carbon emissions, when compared to conventional download technology. Increasingly, brands are seeking to reduce negative impact on the environment through their media partners and choices. Fortunately, through the use of our groundbreaking technology, we are able to drive performance efficiencies and minimize emissions.”

This news follows hot on the heels of the launch of SeenThis’ creative platform and Emissions Dashboard, which enables clients to track, measure and analyze their carbon footprint. More details about the methodology and carbon footprint measurement can be found here.

Press contacts:

Maryum Sheikh, PR Lead, The Digital Voice™

Jun 27, 2023