SeenThis and GroupM reduce CO2 footprint of Toyota digital ad campaign by 20%

Stockholm, Sweden (June 13, 2022) – Today, groundbreaking streaming tech provider, SeenThis, and the world’s leading media investment company, GroupM, have announced that their partnership has positively reduced the carbon footprint of multiple leading global brand’s advertising campaigns. including mutual customer Toyota, by up to 20% thanks to SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology.

The two companies have been in partnership since January 2022 in order to scale SeenThis’ streaming technology and improve GroupM clients’ performance as well as reduce their CO2 footprint.

SeenThis provides both image and video streaming technology, which removes many of the limitations set by traditional ad serving technologies. Ads load instantly, as soon as the ad space is in-screen, creating more ad views for every impression, while also reducing total data usage for every ad experience.

“GroupM and The&Partnership, together with SeenThis, provide us with digital advertising solutions that help us achieve our business goals, while helping reduce carbon emissions. We are extremely pleased with their work as sustainability and performance are extremely important to our digital advertising strategy.” said Jan Casserlöv, Marketing & CEX Manager at Toyota.

“SeenThis technology not only improves ad performance and customer experience, it is also a more climate-friendly advertising technology. For campaigns running ads through SeenThis, we have seen a marked reduction in data usage (up to 65% less data transferred), which directly translates to a smaller CO2 footprint,” said Jonas Viksten, MD Nordics, Xaxis (part of GroupM). “We prioritise solutions that not only perform for our clients, but also meet higher sustainability standards, and SeenThis delivers on both counts.”

“GroupM represents the largest advertisers in the world, many of which are prioritising ESG efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, these companies want to continue to see growth and performance improvements. Adaptive streaming technology can help them achieve both. We look forward to supporting GroupM as they work with their clients in the future across these two important areas of focus,” said Sebastian Ljung, Vice President, Expansion & Global Accounts at SeenThis.

Jun 13, 2022