The GoodNet Partners With SeenThis To Increase Performance and Avoid Excessive Carbon Emissions on Digital Ad Campaigns

The GoodNet and SeenThis are partnering to enhance the video and display advertising offerings served on The GoodNet Sustainable Ad Network. SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology uses lower data transfer on ad campaigns than legacy technology, avoiding excessive carbon footprint for advertisers for running the same ad. SeenThis’ methodology to measure data footprint reduction in CO2 emissions is validated by leading provider of applied impact solutions, Doconomy.

The GoodNet will adopt SeenThis streaming technology to deliver display advertising, minimizing sending uncalled-for data and achieving faster load times. SeenThis provides a unique combination that not only creates a better user experience, but also improves outcomes for brands and empowers them in their sustainability efforts to avoid CO2 emissions caused by digital advertising.

Oliver Deane, co-founder, The GoodNet shares, “SeenThis offers a better way to deliver advertising creatives. Their streaming technology does something that has previously not been possible; deliver high quality creative with lightning fast load-times while using less data in the process. We are excited to provide this upgrade for our advertisers and our audiences.” 

The GoodNet enables brands to reach an audience of 11.65m ethical consumers who are receptive to messages and products that drive the wellbeing of people and the planet. Brands using The GoodNet are directly funding publishers whose content inspires and educates people to live greener, healthier and more socially positive lives, while achieving their campaign goals.

Gareth Holmes, VP of EMEA & APAC, “The GoodNet is a leader in sustainable media and advertising, and is a perfect partner for SeenThis. Not only can advertisers reach a valuable audience across quality content, with our partnership, they can also deliver more sustainable, high-performing content.”

For more information, please contact: 

Gareth Holmes, SeenThis Vice President, EMEA & APAC at or phone +44 7428 430606.

Oliver Deane, The GoodNet Co-founder at or phone +44 7540604986

Sep 29, 2022