Yazle Partners with SeenThis to Avoid Excessive Carbon Emissions on Digital Ad Campaigns

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2022: Yazle – a global digital media company that specializes in innovative and creative digital advertising campaigns has announced a partnership with SeenThis – a leader in adaptive streaming technology, to launch a suite of products to avoid unnecessary carbon (CO2) emissions created through digital advertising. 

SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology uses lower data transfer on ad campaigns compared to traditional technology. Through SeenThis’ adaptive streaming, Yazle will be able to improve ad performance and customer experience, as well as enable advertisers in reducing data transfer – which translates into a smaller CO2 footprint for running the same ad. (To measure carbon footprint reduction, SeenThis uses Doconomy’s carbon key, which converts data savings into a CO2 emissions equivalent.)

“Yazle is pleased to partner with SeenThis to drive reduction of data waste, which in simplistic terms refer to unnecessary data transfer that is not needed for the user experience. As a leading digital campaign provider, our aim is to enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to track and measure their carbon emissions and empower their sustainability efforts,” said Jamie Atherton, Managing Director at Yazle.

As Jamie points out, data is energy. The more data we consume, the more emissions we produce. By optimizing the quality of the creative and only streaming data when the ad is in-view, results in an average of 25% less data than current download technologies. 

Gareth Holmes, VP EMEA & APAC of SeenThis said “Yazle is a leader in digital campaigns in the region, and our partnership with them is a valuable addition to our list of associates. We are confident that this collaboration will help them deliver high performing quality content, which is more sustainable than today's alternatives.”

As a part of the collaboration, Yazle’s clients will experience minimal load-time for video and static ads, regardless of WiFi or Mobile data connection, more ad views leading to better campaign results, with maximum quality for every user, and access to a fully transparent media-buying alternative for online video ads.

“Investors and clients have started to put increasing importance on sustainability. The Yazle and SeenThis partnership enables companies in the digital advertising and media industry to work to reduce their CO2 impact providing measurable results,” concluded Jamie.’

Nov 09, 2022