Attention by SeenThis - the new competitive advantage

In the highly competitive world of digital advertising, attention is the key to success. Regardless of how well-targeted an advertising campaign may be, the ability to capture and maintain a viewer's attention is what ultimately determines its effectiveness. Streaming digital ads provide a powerful tool for advertisers to improve both creative viewability and ad views, ultimately driving better brand outcomes.

SeenThis streaming technology is a game-changer in the world of digital advertising. Our research study with attention specialists Lumen has shown that for every 1,000 impressions, SeenThis streamed ads generated 1.7x more attention, were significantly more likely to result in a great browsing experience, and increased the number of viewers by 31% (80% vs 49%), compared to non-streamed ads.

SeenThis delivered digital ads have several advantages over traditional ad served ads, which use download the content. One of the most significant advantages is streaming's instant loading capabilities. Non-streamed display ads can be slow to load and prone to errors, which can negatively impact both creative viewability and ad views. Data from PlaygroundXYZ , has revealed that between 30 and 40 percent of online ads are not viewed, despite being present on the screen. However, SeenThis streamed video ads that are adapted to an individual user's viewing environment ensure fast and seamless loading across multiple devices.

But perhaps the most significant advantage of SeenThis technology is its ability to enhance attention and reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns, thereby demonstrating the compatibility of sustainability, attention, and performance. SeenThis technology not only boosts ad views but our platform also stops the transfer of data when the creative is no longer in-view, minimising data waste during campaign delivery.

In conclusion, SeenThis streaming technology is a prime example of how streaming digital ads can increase creative viewability and attention, resulting in a more positive user experience and better brand outcomes. Advertisers can benefit from this technology to get more attentional value per 1,000 impressions and ultimately achieve their marketing goals. With its instant loading capabilities, high definition quality, and ability to reduce the carbon impact of digital campaigns, SeenThis technology is a valuable addition to any advertising campaign

Apr 28, 2023