Complicated tech made easy

What is SeenThis technology? I do get asked this often, which given we are a Swedish streaming start-up/scale-up isn’t really surprising.

One of the better analogies to describe our tech versus other tech is this: The way video ads are delivered & played today is known as download-technology, it is comparable to how we listened to music with iTunes prior to streaming music services; most of the song has to download before we can play it, and this chews a heap of user data whether we ever listened to the whole song or not - some consumers discussing the huge data usage for downloaded songs here.

They found the music file downloaded entirely to their phone whether they listened to the whole song or only listen to a minute of it; one person in the discussion said their phone consumed 104mb of data, 20mb per song, and 8.5mb’s per minute and were not aware of this until they analysed their own data usage

Data is transferred to phones whether songs are listened to, or not.

This is the impact download technology has on consumer’s data plan, and very importantly the environment - data needlessly & wastefully transferred. Nowadays, most of us use Pandora or Spotify - like Prime and Netflix, these are streaming services where the content is transferred in chunks of data and not just one big file, and whilst they also buffer quite extensively for good playback experience, it is the next step into the future of delivering heavy files more efficiently, and in a better way for consumers.

This allows each song to play instantly and with less buffering - this is because rather than one big song file downloading and then playing afterwards, we are able to listen immediately because each song file is now broken into smaller packets of data and these data packets arrive one at a time sequentially, not all at once.

One data packet at a time, versus all data all at once.

We have also built a technology which also utilises streaming at its core, in the first data packet we transfer the player - this is why we don’t need to integrate or have a heavy player on a website - our player also weighs about 10kbs, it’s fantastically light.

So what is our technology? We stream ads. 

We don’t touch the media, we don’t touch personal data, we don’t even drop cookies, and we will fly through your internal Information & Security  vetting & procedures which are normally a sticking point for new vendors.

Many of our clients use our creative platform (no, we haven’t given it a funky name yet) which allows people to create their own video ads from TVC’s or assets in hand - it’s a slick piece of kit and levels the playing field on producing your own video ads of whichever length you like.

Or, some clients send us MP4 videos and tell us what ad tags they want, and any HTML5 layers added for CTA, or branding they want included and our AdOps people send back previews for client sign off - our teams generally turn a whole set of video ad previews in a couple of days and, unsurprisingly, this is actually one of the reasons some clients use us so much, turning ads around rapidly solves a major challenge for some, and saves a stack of cash for others.

Once our client approves the previews we send them ad tags - we create ad tags for whichever ad server or DSP our clients are using. That’s it.

If you are stream-curious please do drop us a note here and one of our wonderful teams will be in touch.

Nov 03, 2023