Scope3, SeenThis to Collaborate on Green Creative Measurement

Scope3 today announced a partnership with SeenThis designed to validate that SeenThis’ adaptive streaming technology uses a best-in-industry approach to avoiding carbon emissions when delivering display advertising.


SeenThis leverages a proprietary streaming technology to deliver display advertising, minimizing uncalled-for data downloads and achieving faster load times. As a result, SeenThis creates a high-quality user experience and improves outcomes for brands while achieving a measurably lower data footprint when compared to other delivery methods. 


Adtech vendors are increasingly being called upon to demonstrate that they are aligned with the movement towards green media. By working with Scope3 to verify that its technology is a legitimate, carbon-aware way to reduce emissions from the digital advertising supply chain, SeenThis is helping raise the bar for sustainable best practices in ad delivery.

“We are excited to partner with Scope3 to raise awareness of the impact the choices you make in digital advertising have on sustainability. For advertisers looking to avoid excessive carbon footprint, SeenThis provides a more efficient technology than traditional ad serving, and together with Scope3, companies can verify the positive effects,” said Ben Riley at SeenThis.


“Green data is green media,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of Scope3. “The SeenThis approach to delivering ads is a promising way to significantly reduce the data transferred and the CO2 footprint of campaigns and in working with Scope3 to validate its results, SeenThis is responding to industry edicts that sustainability claims be validated and legitimate.”

Dec 13, 2022