SeenThis launches Creative Platform to boost performance and reduce CO2 emissions in digital advertising

Adaptive streaming company, SeenThis, has launched a creative platform which enables clients to access its proprietary streaming technology to seamlessly build their own creatives; maximising quality with no file size limitations, whilst reducing the carbon emissions associated with digital advertising.

Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, explains: “SeenThis is working to create a high-speed and energy-efficient internet that allows for higher ad performance in a more sustainable way. With our new creative platform, we are providing more options for clients to leverage our technology to create customised, high attention grabbing ads in minutes - with no licence fee, nor production cost. It combines performance with sustainability: Ads are loaded instantly, adapted to viewers’ device and bandwidth conditions – all while reducing unnecessary data waste by transferring only what is needed. The creative platform is a long-term project for us and we will continue to develop the offer in line with the requirements of this fast-moving industry.”

Adaptive streaming holds the potential to transform the distribution and climate impact of digital content and SeenThis is driving a higher return on ad spend in a more sustainable way than alternative solutions. It supercharges creative teams which can make use of the drag-and-drop technology and built-in editor to cut production time and improve efficiency. At the same time, it is possible to track CO2e reductions achieved, whilst reporting on commitments to more sustainable advertising.

Keoni Granger, Design and Creative Manager, Audience Store describes it as ‘such an easy and helpful tool to use’. “Not only have we been able to build in-banner video ads that look great – they also performed really well, and the platform offers built-in reports for each campaign,” she says.

The creative platform also helps to ensure brand consistency: Clients can upload brand assets such as fonts, logotypes, animations and colour schemes to ensure alignment with brand guidelines and produce high performing ads in minutes – without writing a single line of code.

Thanks to SeenThis technology, built on adaptive streaming, it is possible to create beautiful, fast-loading ads with the intuitive, self-serve editor streamlining display inventory and increasing CPMs, enabling clients to convert their videos into streamable ads. Learn more about the methodology and carbon footprint measurement here.

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Feb 09, 2023