SeenThis and League-M Europe launch sales-partnership for climate-friendly and high-quality streaming ad technology in Germany

SeenThis and League-M Europe launch sales-partnership for climate-friendly and high-quality streaming ad technology in Germany

The technology company SeenThis and the digital marketer League-M are now offering a video-solution to the market. The technology supports high-quality display ads whilst preventing unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Stockholm/Munich, 05/12/2022. The Swedish technology provider SeenThis is cooperating with premium sales-partner League-M. SeenThis' adaptive streaming technology enables the digital sales house to offer advertisers high-resolution display video and static ads - in a more climate-friendly way. Advertisers this way can not only increase the value of their video inventory.

Digital advertising is energy and data intensive and therefore not always sustainable. SeenThis' innovative technology can load high quality video ads instantly, while avoiding unnecessary data transfer. The greatly reduced load times and optimized data transfer allow companies to contribute to climate protection by minimizing CO2 emissions without compromising on quality. This works regardless of file size, operating system, browser type or Internet connection. The streaming-solution offered by the two partners targets interactive ads and programmatic advertising campaigns or environment-oriented advertising. SeenThis also provides accurate and measurable metrics for streamed content. Global brands from all sectors, ranging from automotive to FMCG, rely on the certified streaming technology.

"For SeenThis, the close partnership with League-M Europe is another important step in scaling the company," says Jesper Benon, CEO of SeenThis. "Through the cooperation, we can strengthen our market presence in German-speaking countries. With our office locations across EMEA, APAC and Americas we will - together with League-M - consistently continue our strong growth. With its unique and modern concept, League-M Europe is a marketing and sales partner that provides us with high-quality and new contacts on a national and international level with publishers, brands and marketers. I look forward to working closely with the League-M management team."

Florian Lormes, Managing Director at League-M: "We, the team at League-M Europe, are excited about SeenThis because the solution really opens up a whole new and deeply logical world in display ad delivery. And it does so without the publisher having to build anything into their site. SeenThis is simply a great ad tech company and provides the best service for advertisers. We are proud and excited to be a part of it and to introduce such a revolutionary product in German-speaking countries."

About SeenThis: Since 2017, Swedish technology company SeenThis has been developing new screen experiences for everyone, everywhere. With its groundbreaking adaptive streaming technology, SeenThis is changing the distribution and climate impact of digital content. With billions streaming through a number of over 1000 brands in over 40 countries, the company is on a mission to reshape the internet - for a good cause. SeenThis employees work from eight offices worldwide to create an Internet shaped by true high-speed and energy efficiency. For more information, visit

About League-M: League-M Europe is THE digital Sales House for international reach. Founded in early 2019 by Pia Kniprath, Gunnar Obermeier and Florian Lormes, LME quickly developed into one of the most important sales house of premium publishers in Europe, such as global player Fandom, Anzu, Airtango, Anyclip and many more. Furthermore, League-M sees itself as a pan-European sales hub for international brands and adtech companies. League-M supports the successful entry and development in the highly complex European market. "We advise our clients as holistically and comprehensively as possible and help them to understand and successfully establish themselves in the fractal European advertising market," says Pia Kniprath, Co-Founder of League-M. To learn more about League-M Europe, visit

May 16, 2022