Upgrade your Display DCO to Video with SeenThis Dynamic Ads

What Is DCO and Why Should I Use It?

DCO is an initialism for Dynamic Creative Optimization, which is essentially the technical ability to personalize an ad depending on variables such as demographics, time of day, interests, weather, location, and many other targeting factors used in display advertising, before your ad is served to the customer.

The broad adoption of this technology by the agencies is driven by the possibility to make creatives more relevant for users, while testing and optimizing the ads automatically - meaning they generally outperform regular creatives on all standard performance metrics, by a significant amount.

One very common use of DCO is for retargeting ads, where the ads change content and CTA copy depending on what the user has browsed previously or added to a shopping cart. Another use is prospecting campaigns, where ads are personalized based on location, behavior, device, demographics, and context.

Example of Dynamic Creative Optimization

Why Has Display DCO Remained Static?

Up until today, programmatic DCO campaigns have generally been executed using static banner creatives. One reason is that DCO campaigns require more time to process more requests and data to personalize each ad before it is served to the customer, compared to a regular static banner campaign. As this happens in real time for each ad, it is quite obvious that it takes more time than serving a static banner - meaning that DCO ads load somewhat slower than regular banners.

So, given the problems Video-in-Display with loading times that I outlined previously in my article about Why Streaming is the Future for Video Ad-Serving, it has not been beneficial or commercially viable for DCO campaigns to be served with a video creative, as the download of the video would increase load times even further and lead to impaired performance for the campaign as a whole. This is despite the fact that video creatives have shown to outperform regular static creatives, time and time again.

Upgrade from Static to Video DCO

At SeenThis we have solved this problem by enabling our streamed Video-in-Display ads to be integrated into any DCO campaign that you run in Google DV360 and Adform, with millisecond load times and a video quality that is optimized for each user.

So, you can now enjoy both the benefits of Video-in-Display ads with adaptive streaming and Dynamic Creative Optimization for your programmatic campaigns. We call this amazing combination SeenThis Dynamic Ads.

Increase CTR with Video

One of our clients that made the switch is a Norwegian pension fund, who were staggered by the results. Looking at CTR, the DCO creatives with SeenThis Video outperformed static DCO creatives by over 70%! Needless to say, the client and our Norwegian team are looking forward to executing more DCO campaigns together.

Dec 11, 2019