SeenThis Has Transformed – Here Is Why

As we have evolved over the years, so has our mission. Since our inception in 2013, we have pivoted several times, in the search of a product that truly makes a difference. Today, we host a revolutionary marketing platform that will fundamentally change the way ads are served online – and the new SeenThis brand is designed to carry us through the challenges ahead.

Our Journey So Far

Our very first product was a consumer app, which gathered all the information about your favorite artists in one place. Pretty soon, we started exploring new ways to apply our technology and, within a couple of years, we had completely shifted our focus towards digital marketing. Then, in 2017, something happened.

When we delivered the first video streams in a display ad unit, we quickly realized that we were onto something big. The product was a win/win/win for advertisers, publishers and end consumers – and was infinitely scalable thanks to the global standards for ad serving. Sure enough, after verifying our predictions in Sweden, we have been able to quickly expand our offer to the Nordics, throughout Europe and to the far edges of the Americas and Asia Pacific.

While expanding, we have continuously iterated our technology to optimize performance, add functionalities, and, most importantly, create a robust infrastructure. We now have a platform that serves billions of impressions globally, with the highest possible performance, while being flexible enough to let us keep innovating at the bleeding edge of marketing technology.

Our Mission

The best thing we know is when we can make someone say “have you seen this?!”. Either when showing a mesmerizing ad, testing a new prototype for the first time, or when a customer shares their performance uplift from using one of our products. We believe that a great screen experience is something you want to share, and our mission is to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the same feeling. To make every pixel count.

Feb 10, 2020