Step by step to higher attention, better quality, and lower CO2 footprint

Everything you need to know about SeenThis’ creative platform and how it’s beneficial from a performance, quality, and sustainability point of view.

Streaming has changed the way we look at content online forever. If you’re looking for a creative platform that makes the best-in-industry streaming more accessible for your creatives, look no further - SeenThis have you covered. Our self-serve platform is easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality, lightning loading speeds, and minimal CO2 emissions. What more could you ask for?

For improved performance, incomparable quality and with less environmental cost, these five simple steps are your solution...


Step One: Drop

Our drag-and-drop tool makes uploading to the SeenThis platform effortless. There are no limitations on file size, so you can maximise quality with the highest definition video you have. You can even upload several videos at a time. 

If your videos are finished in layout as well as formats, they will be streamable and exportable within seconds - but if you’d like to make edits and adjustments, you can do it all within the platform.

Step Two: Edit

The SeenThis creative platform has a built-in editor for all your creative needs, so you can build and adapt your assets into different shapes and formats to create top-notch ads of any size and for any platform. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be creating beautiful ads that you'll be proud to show off to the world.

Within our editor, you’ll find everything you need to spruce up your video, from editing copy, fonts and colours to creating animations. Uploading branded fonts and logos is as simple as clicking a button, and while there’s no coding needed if it’s not your thing, you’ll find HTML coding functionality available to you if it is. On top of that, there’s no licence fee or production costs for using the platform, so with SeenThis, the possibilities are endless to create your next great ad.

Step Three: Stream

When your ad is ready, get streaming at the tap of a button. We offer a number of formats for export, and you can do so individually, or download and serve all ads for a campaign at once. Our core adaptive streaming technology provides the foundation for all your exports - the SeenThis platform optimises display performance and delivery for your audience, so they’re receiving your ads exactly as you intended with instant loading whatever the device, browser and bandwidth. 

If you’re worried about data privacy, you can rest easy. We’re fully compliant with all data protection laws and don’t rely on cookies or any personal user information for delivery. We’re also certified on all major platforms and advertising networks, so you can distribute to your regular ad servers with full access to your industry, completely hassle-free.

Step Four: Analyse

Once you've launched, you’ll be ready to watch your ad performance grow in real time. Accessing your standard display metrics directly in ad servers such as CM360, SeenThis will provide you with tracking of video metrics such as video starts, quartiles, view time averages, and completion rates.

Not only can SeenThis creative platform provide performance insights across multiple campaigns, we also offer you the option to live-edit ads without the need to re-traffic, so you’re ready to action changes any time to hit your KPI targets by optimising live creatives as needed. With reliable performance metrics and ad server integrations, you’re in full control. 

Step Five: Track

SeenThis is committed to sustainable advertising, and our platform is designed to make tracking and reporting on your advertising carbon footprint effortless. It’s time to take action on sustainability - track your CO2e reductions from using our tech and report on your commitments to change, using solid data. Our adaptive streaming tech provides aggregated overviews and details on your individual campaigns, so you’ll never be in the dark again when it comes to your advertising emissions related to ad delivery.


A massive amount of data is transferred in digital advertising every day, and a large part of that is completely wasted. Most display ad alternatives still rely on traditional technologies which download an entire creative before it can be shown, regardless of the attention it gets, leading to data waste in pre-loaded, non-optimised content ads and ads that are quickly scrolled past. 

Our sustainable model is built around minimising data waste while maintaining the quality you want for all of your campaigns. Our adaptive streaming technology only streams the data that is actually consumed by your audience, preserving user experience while combating the internet’s excessive carbon footprint.

It adapts for every device, OS and browser and automatically scales up or down based on the individual user to ensure ads load as fast as possible at the highest quality. This maximises the time your audience spends interacting with your ad all whilst minimising CO2 emissions. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Sustainable, speedy, and with complete control over your outputs, every creator has the freedom to create beautiful and engaging display ads with the SeenThis creative platform. Take the step towards a more sustainable future: try SeenThis today. 

Mar 24, 2023