LADbible faced a challenge where advertisers had become increasingly frustrated at the lack of transparency, complexity, and high cost when buying digital advertising. By using SeenThis’ adaptive video-streaming technology, LADbible was able to launch a fully transparent media-buying alternative for online video ads, where brands pay only for completed views, at a fixed price. The product, named “LADx”, offers brands 100% completed views at a guaranteed £0.02 cost per completed view (CPCV) for video ads up to 10 seconds in length. LADbible Group estimates this pricing is 40-60% cheaper than similar ad units elsewhere, and the use of SeenThis’ streaming technology is what enables these substantial cost reductions. As a result, LADbible Group has been able to offer a market-leading advertising product, at a lower cost to their clients, while increasing revenue by improving the eCPM of their display ad units by a significant double digit increase.

+ Significant double digit increase.Animated arrows moving in a forwards direction