DCO Video Display

DCO Video Display

Unlock the Power of High-Quality Video in Display DCO

Since DCO ads are personalized for each user, more requests need to be sent in order to select the right content. Therefore, dynamic ads generally take a longer time to load than regular banners.

As a consequence, DCO ads are generally limited to static images or low-quality video loops. But now, you can finally combine the power of tailored content and high-quality video, since our adaptive streaming technology enables videos to load instantly. Even for DCO ads.

All ads can be managed in Google Marketing Platform or Adform Dynamic, just like you are used to, without a third-party DCO.

Key enablers


For DCO, load times are even more critical than for regular banners. Therefore, adaptive streaming is a critical factor for enabling video ads for dynamic distribution.


Since all ads are automatically adapted for the user’s device, OS and browser – you will get even more in-screen views for your ads.


There are no file size restrictions and your ads will automatically be scaled up to maximum quality when possible, to create an even higher impact for users on a fast connection.