Enhanced Video Display

Enhanced Video display

Catch Attention and Inspire Action, with Streamed Video Ads in Display

With engaging videos in the highest possible quality, your ads will inspire action to a higher degree than static banners.

Over the last couple of years, some of our largest customers have seen an average uplift of


+50% Click-Through Rate


+32% Time In-Screen

when compared to static and animated banners, as well as other alternatives for video in display. Based on billions of impressions.

Key Enablers


With minimal load-time for video ads, regardless of connection, your ads will be shown in-screen to more users, resulting in higher overall results.


The ads are automatically adapted for the user’s device, OS and browser – to make sure they perform as efficiently as possible – every time.


SeenThis is certified in all major advertising networks, which means you will be able to distribute your ads programmatically or as I/O, on any website, using your regular ad server.

SeenThis Increases the Number of Ad Views Compared to Traditional Video in Display

With SeenThis, the actual number of ad views will be higher – due to shorter load times and a higher device and browser compatibility.