Display 2.0 - innovation, creativity, and sustainability in digital advertising

Nick Titmus, General Manager UK, at adaptive streaming provider SeenThis, explains how the company can load digital advertising creative instantly, in the highest possible quality, with minimum data waste.

1. Minimal load time for ad creative, regardless of connection Historically, delivering a display ad would require the consumer to download almost the entire creative to their device before it was displayed. However, with the proper technology, built upon adaptive streaming, ads can load instantly. That means you get more eyes on the actual ads for every impression and, critically, the technology has minimal (negative) impact on website performance because - thanks to SeenThis’ proprietary technology - data transfer stops when an ad is out of view. This means no added load times and no downturn in conversion rates. 

That applies to all types of ad creative, both video and static, and the technology adapts to user conditions (such as connectivity speed and device type) to provide a smooth, consistent experience. 

2. Device, OS and browser-agnostic While the viewability of an ad is primarily decided by its placement, adaptive streaming technology ensures that when the creative is in view, the content is delivered - and optimised - for each and every operating system, device and browser. Our own technology ensures ad compatibility is very high, resulting in better views and campaign performance.

Research shows that 93% of marketers are planning to incorporate video marketing into their strategies this year, so there’s an added incentive to ensure adaptive streaming can deliver video ad creative for any and every device.

3. No file-size restrictions As rich media becomes more popular, and the ad industry returns to exciting creative as a means to engage an audience, we want to give creators all the freedom possible to produce amazing ads, without having to worry about file size restrictions. 

As a result, SeenThis adaptive streaming allows advertisers to serve ads of any file size, which allows us to serve consumers with as many pixels as possible and maximum quality.

We even use a proprietary, cutting-edge transcoder to ensure the final ad creative will be reduced in size as much as possible by removing all excess data that doesn't add value to the user experience, limiting the impact on a user’s data plan. 

4. Certified for all major advertising networks, for programmatic and I/O Adaptive streaming platforms (and, indeed, all tech vendors in the ecosystem) need to be certified for all major ad networks and platforms, because this allows their clients to distribute ads via their regular ad servers, with the usual access to the inventory they need.

Data protection laws must be fully respected, and SeenThis does not rely on any form of cookies or personal data to deliver advertising campaigns. This makes our technology ethically sound and future-proof - and makes switching to our platform hassle-free.

5. Server integrations and accurate, actionable metrics  Advertisers will receive all the display ad metrics in their regular server, as per usual, but platforms that deliver video of any kind should also be able to supply additional, actionable video performance metrics to help optimise campaigns. These might include video starts, quartiles and completion rate. 

6. Minimise CO2 emissions by removing unnecessary data transfer The internet is a huge polluter, producing about 2-4% of annual greenhouse gas emissions - roughly the same numbers as the aviation industry. Yet sustainability is only now becoming an issue the industry is urgently addressing. 

Adaptive streaming can help to combat this, and SeenThis not only works to boost the accuracy of carbon measurement for delivery of digital advertising campaigns (which allows brands to gain insights for environmentally conscious decision making), but also enables emissions reduction by curtailing data waste during content delivery.

This is done by optimising both the ad creative and delivery for the most efficient last mile. Consequently, SeenThis reduces data waste by up to 40% when compared to running the equivalent campaign using conventional technology - one more reason why the future of advertising is streamable.

Oct 26, 2023