From Static to Video DCO with BMW

Video DCO increased performance across the board

BMW wanted to innovate in their DCO execution to improve performance of the campaign for  the new M135i model in Europe. With SeenThis' streaming technology, they were for the first time able to use engaging high quality videos for their DCO campaign, instead of static banners.

This enabled them to enjoy both the benefits of SeenThis Video ads with adaptive streaming and Dynamic Creative Optimization. An amazing combination that we call SeenThis Dynamic Ads.

The results were more than impressive and the words from BMW's European agency iProspect proves it:

"By using SeenThis banners instead of standard display we can clearly see that it is more cost efficient with SeenThis looking at both eCPM and CPC costs. We also get higher Viewability and a higher CTR. With this above in mind we see that we should continue using SeenThis because of higher CTR levels and more cost efficient CPM and CPC".

Video background catches users attention

As you can see below, using a video background clearly makes the creatives stand out compared to regular static. This comparison is for a 970x250 unit, but the campaign made use of several different formats for both desktop and mobile such as 300x600 and 300x250.

Significant improvement of Viewability, eCPM, CPC and CTR

The most important metrics when evaluating the campaign were viewability, eCPM, CPC and CTR. To the delight of both BMW, iProspect and SeenThis all metrics saw a significant improvement. For a deeper understanding about why SeenThis Dynamic Ads can improve viewability, CPC and CTR for DCO campaigns read more about the product here.

Summary of performance comparison

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Apr 24, 2019